Snapchat Adds Swipe Up Link Functionality

Snap's newest update gave some great new features for brands. (Release date July, 2017)

Snap's newest update gave some great new features for brands. (Release date July, 2017)

This week Snapchat rolled out an update with a new slate of features. Among them was the ability to add "swipe up" functionality to your stories.

Swipe-up functionality allows users to insert a URL link to an outside website, video or piece of content. This feature was previously exclusive to the stories feature on Instagram. Prior to this roll out, you had to meet one of the following qualifications in order to use it on Instagram.

  • Be a Verified User -or-
  • Have a business account and a minimum of 10,000 followers.

Of course the stories feature belonged to Snapchat originally and Instagram stole it. Nothing really wrong with that. It's just the way the market works.

With this update, Snapchat has stolen Instagram's swipe-up feature and given it to all of their users. Turn about is indeed fair play.

If you run a business or have a personal brand, you can now link to outside websites within your Snap stories.

Here are some ideas on how to execute content with this new feature:

  • Swipe-up for admission tickets, concert premium seats etc.
  • Swipe-up for discounts exclusive for Snap users. (Use this to drive people to follow your Snaphat account)
  • Swipe-up for videos and other content that provide value to the user. Example - if business traffic has to be rerouted due to road construction, make a video showing customers the temporary route.
  • Swipe-up for blog posts.
  • Swipe-up for breaking news such as concert announcements, or a new product launch.

Your brand now has enormous leeway to help promote within Snapchat itself.

Snapchat is still dominated by the 13-30 demographic. It was aging up towards 13-45 when Instagram stole their features. But it is still heavily used by the younger portion of that demographic. I urge brands and businesses not to disrespect that 13-19 segment. Why? Because that 16-year-old teenager becomes 26 with a family of their own real quick. If you want them to be your customer then, it's critical to connect with them now.

The Twitterverse took notice.