Podcast Fair Game 010 - Ed Session at FFEA2018


I'm super excited to share this with all of you.

This is the ed session I presented during the FFEA2018 annual conference in Bonita Springs, FL. The Florida Festivals and Events Association is an incredible group of people dedicated to the exchange of ideas among event planners.

This session, which runs just about an hour, includes my thesis on social media, the critical importance of under priced attention, as well as a number of samples of great content.

As you're not able to see the videos played during the session, I've included the links to them here.

Stanislaus County Fair "Imagine the Memories"

L.A. County Fair "If There's Anyplace That Needs A County Fair..."

Chicago Cubs World Series, "Harry, they did it."

Thank you all. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

(Disclaimer: The above links are to third party creators on the YouTube platform. Robert Smith Presents is not responsible for content on those channels.)