Podcast Fair Game 005 - Interview with Aaron Alejandro

On today's episode, I'm joined by Aaron Alejandro, the Executive Director of the Texas FFA Foundation.  Aaron recently drove through Albuquerque and had time to meet up for breakfast.

I had planned to interview him but it turned out we had such a genuine conversation that I think it stands on its own.

We talk about global access to food and nutrition, the block chain and how we share our stories in the fair and ag industry.

PLUS, my wife, Sara joins us and shares her insights as an educator and school administrator here in Albuquerque.


Podcast Fair Game 003 - QuickClip - 10 Minutes Every University President & Marketing Director Need To Hear

In February I spoke at my alma mater, Eastern New Mexico University. During the Q&A I had an exchange with a university staff member. I told him exactly why I, as an alumnus, had never given a penny in support of the university and how they could take that information and multiply their alumni and endowment support by 3x or more over the next 5-10 years.

In context, this was directed toward universities. Realistically it can absolutely apply to your business or brand as well. Enjoy!


Podcast Fair Game 002 - An Interview with Scott Tindle

On today's episode, I'm in Mobile, Alabama. I sit down at the historic fort for a discussion with Scott Tindle, former fair manager of the Greater Gulf State Fair and current CEO of Gulf Coast Ducks. We talk hospitality & tourism, the fair industry and duck boat tours. PLUS - the advice Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gave him during an appearance on Shark Tank.

Podcast Fair Game 001 - QuickClip - Putting in the Work

During the 2017 Arizona Fairs Association Convention, I took a minute on my way to dinner to share my thoughts around people who have opinions about social media marketing while not actually being practitioners of the craft.

Specifically, I believe it's foolish for people to have an opinion around social media marketing when they've never deployed advertising in that space. If you're not a practitioner, please, skip having an opinion and instead download these apps and begin testing them out.

You'll never know how they work if you don't taste them.

Are You Engaging With Your Followers on Instagram?


You carefully create content. You put it out to the world. Your audience reacts.

"Love your event! We had so much fun watching the shows!"

"That was the best funnel cake I'd ever had!"

"I had someone be rude to me. I don't think I'll come back to your event."

Then, nothing.

Are you guilty of this? I bet many of you are.

There are some fundamental differences between the various platforms and there are some major similarities. If we're being technical, Twitter is really the only "social" media platform. It's designed to be conversational. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc are designed to be content push-out systems.

But be careful. You can be conversational on all the major platforms. In fact, you must plan to be.

Your customers are engaging with you there. When they leave messages, comments, reviews like they did above, you need to respond. I understand some brands are getting hundreds or thousands of comments per day. Obviously you're not going to get to all of them. But you need to engage back with them.

Look back at those examples above. If a customer came into you business and gave you a compliment or criticism like that, would you ignore them and walk away?

Of course not. But that's exactly what you're doing when you don't engage with your audience on social media.

You can actively engage your audience on Instagram in a handful of ways.

    You can use the REPOST APP to find THEIR content and repost it to your Instagram. When you find something really exceptional, repost it and be sure to tag them and thank them for their great photo.
    Using the search box, search the primary hashtag for your event. (Ex: #NewMexicoStateFair). Click on each photo, click like, and leave a meaningful comment. I'd even follow them.

    This particular method works beautifully as the conversational nature of Instagram is in the comment section. Plus when people are using hashtags, they're doing so in order to share their content with that hashtag's community. So it's just an opportunity for your business which is literally begging to be utilized.
    This is the easiest and yet easily the most often neglected. If your audience is leaving comments on your content, you need to be leaving a mix of standard and meaningful replies. Again. If a customer came into your office and paid you a compliment, you wouldn't walk away and ignore them. So make sure you take this opportunity to engage with your audience.

There is so much white space out there for brands. The digital land grab is on. Go get it.


Social Media 434: Coming to Arizona Fairs Association


On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, I'll be presenting the Social Media 434 talk for the Arizona Fairs Association. The event will take place at the Tropicana Express hotel & casino in Laughlin, NV.

Social Media 434 is an in-depth look at today's digital marketing landscape. During the session you'll get a new understanding of why you should be executing your marketing in this space. And bring your questions. During these talks the Q&A tends to lead to the most value for everyone.


Social media marketing is extremely misunderstood. Yes you can use it to post pictures of your perfectly plated spaghetti & meatballs, or even share videos of cats acting stupid. But do you actually understand how powerful it is?  Do you actually understand just how affordable advertising is within this space?

Whether you're a fair organization, or an associate member, this talk could potentially bring you major value if you're willing to execute on what you learn.

I want to invite all of you to attend and bring your questions.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 10:00am-11:00am.

WHERE: Tropicana Express, Laughlin, Nevada. (Coronado Room)

BRING: Questions! You can ask in person or you can text your questions to (505)750-8190.

See you there!


Social Media 434 is coming to the Arizona Fairs Convention.