How one change turned a floundering business into a successful career.

Every day we face our own self-imposed limitations. They dictate so much about how we live our lives.

I don’t think I can succeed.
I struggle to lose weight.
I can’t do that.

They’re thoughts that ultimately create a toxic environment of failure within our own minds. In the LIMITLESS presentation, Robert will share a powerful story about the one change he made which ultimately took him from a floundering income of $15,000/year, to a full-time career, traveling all over America with a viable business.

Presentation Time(s) may be tailored to your event. Typical times are 25 minutes, 45-minutes or a full 60-70 minute keynote plus Q&A.

Presentation Includes

  • 4 things you can do every day to activate your LIMITLESS potential.
  • Mind-blowing magic.
  • Interactions to keep your audience engaged.
  • Audience Q&A if requested.
  • Breakout sessions available.
“You’re a good presenter! Your delivery is excellent and the story reaches the audience very well.”
— Darryl Gregerson, Tanager River Investment Properties, LLC.
“Great presentation on perseverance, living the dream and enjoying life!”
— Don Miers, Osceola County Sports & Events Facilities